How To Choose A Keg Coupler

Beer keg couplers are very similar in their appearance and function, you will need to make sure that you have got the right style coupler for the beer, lager or cider keg that you have bought.

Use our list below of popular UK beers, lagers and ciders to determine which keg coupler type corresponds with your keg.

Can't find the beer you're looking for? Ask your local distributor which coupler you should use.

Once you have found the correct type of keg coupler you may also need a corresponding line clean bottle.

Micromatic A Type Beer Line Cleaning Bottle

Micromatic S Type Beer Line Cleaning Bottle

Micromatic G Type Beer Line Cleaning Bottle

Keg Coupler Quick Reference Chart
Beer Brand Coupler Type
Amstel Beer S Type
Brahma S Type
Beamish S Type
Bellhaven S Type
Birra Moretti S Type
Bass Special G Type
Blacthorn Cider G Type
Boddingtons U Type
Courage S Type
Caffreys G Type
Carling Lager G Type
Coors G Type
Fosters S Type
Fullers Keg Beers G Type
Guinness A Type
Guinness (old installation) U Type
Harp U Type
Hoeggarten A Type
Smithwicks U Type
Stella Artois U Type
Thatchers Gold & Haze Ciders G Type
Worthington Creamflow G Type
Grolsch G Type
Old Speckled Hen G Type
Tennents G Type
Youngs G Type
Becks G Type
Budweiser G Type
Marstons S Type
McEwans S Type
Murphy's S Type
Prava S Type
Scotco S Type
Carlesberg S Type
Tetley S Type
John Smiths S Type
Kronenburg S Type
Strongbow S Type
Woodpecker S Type
Sowford Press S Type
Peroni S Type
San Miguel S Type
Wrexham Lager S Type
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