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Booth Brandles BAR304M2 Two Line Shelf Cooler

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This is an Booth Brandles BAR304M2 two line shelf cooler with cold water re-circulation.

The cooler can be used to run two products or one product looped through both coils for extra cold service.

The cooler is in great overall condition with a few very light scuff marks and scratches mainly on the lid.

The coolers year of manufacture is 2017.

This cooler is in full working order and has been fully bench tested for 3 days.

Ideal home bar cooler.

 3 Day Bench Test
 Water Re-circulation Pump
 Ice Bank Test

Cooler Dimensions

Width = 57.5cm
Height = 28cm
Depth = 39cm
Plus 4cm for the depth of the heat sink on the back of the coolers casing.